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Utah Electronic High School Student Registration

When you submit this form, the information submitted must be manually verified by EHS staff.

This form is for NEW students only. If you have an existing EHS account, creating a new account here will delay or perhaps even prevent your getting into EHS classes. Duplicate accounts take longer to verify and reconcile.

Option 1) If you already have an EHS account and need help with your log-in name and password, leave this page and use the EHS help form. EHS will send your username and password to you so you can log-in and request up to 2 classes. https://share.ehs.uen.org/help
Option 2) If you have never had an EHS account, fill in the requested information and submit it. Your new account log-in name and password will be given to you and you’ll be presented with the course request page. Once your account has been verified, your course requests will be accepted and filled as soon as the class has a seat available.
Be extra sure you supply the e-mail address you will use for the whole time you are a student at EHS. All communication (including resetting your password) is based on the e-mail address you supply here.